Film Scanning Service

For anybody looking to have their film scanned, entire rolls or individual frames, for digital use or print, I have two scanning options available for all formats, colour and black & white.

Scanning Option One: A flat, neutral colour & contrast scan with the shadow and highlight detail retained. (Similar to a digital RAW file).

Scanning Option Two: Have your film scans edited/corrected to your detailed specification. Artist/Photographer must give detailed specifics on how their images should look, for example; soft contrast while retaining clear shadow detail and colours on the warm side.

I’ve been scanning my own film since 2015. For some 35mm, Medium Format & Large Format examples of colour & contrast, detail and resolution options, please see the following images below! 

All examples are of my own, recent, works made between 2017/2020.

Technical Information

All scanning is done with an Epson V850 Pro flatbed scanner and Epson Scan/Silverfast/Adobe Photoshop software.

All film is scanned with zero corrections applied to ensure no clipping of the shadow and highlight details. Corrections are only applied in Photoshop so they are nondestructive to the original file scans. Your film scans will be uncropped and will have part of the thin black film border/rebate to ensure you get 100% of your image. A quick and basic removal of any obvious dust and scratches will also be applied.

All scanned images are saved as Tiff files and will be sent back to you as Tiff files at full quality/resolution. Quality and sharpness will of course vary between the different film formats, for example; 35mm will not be as sharp/detailed/high resolution as Medium Format. Medium Format will not be as sharp/detailed/high resolution as Large Format. A 35mm scan is approximately 5900 pixels on the longest side at 300PPI, Medium Format (6x7) is approximately 13500 pixels on the longest side at 300PPI and Large Format 4x5" is approximately 15300 at 300PPI on the longest side.

I have created prints from Medium Format negatives scanned via the Epson V850 up to roughly A2 in size with excellent results that were sharp and detailed. Of course, the bigger the negative the more information is captured, which will give you more resolution, which will allow you print at a larger size while retaining sharpness and details. 35mm is a small negative that doesn't hold the same amount of detail/resolution at Medium and Large Format negatives. I've printed 35mm negatives at 8x10” via scans from the Epson V850 with excellent results, retaining sharpness and quality. With a good 35mm negative, you may be able to print at a higher size, but results may vary depending on the negative shot.

Soft cotton gloves will be worn at all times when handling film. Film that is not being scanned will always remain in the protective sleeve and in a clean and safe environment. All film will be handled with the utmost care, as if it were my own and only be seen by myself for any privacy concerns.

Once film all film scanning is complete, scans will be emailed back to you via WeTransfer or Google Drive.


If you are posting film and need your negatives posting back you once scanned, then return postage is an additional £1.95 for 1st class post.

All details of payment will be made via invoice.

Digitising Service

 In addition to photographic film scanning, I’m also offering the digitisation of printed photos. Vintage photographic prints, 1 hour photo/drugstore prints (which are most commonly used for family albums and snapshots), colour slides and polaroids.

This service takes the printed photograph and digitises them so they are available for viewing on a Computer/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone via a CD, USB or External Hard Drive.

Digitised photos will be colour matched and cleaned of any marks, dust & scratches to give your photographs a new lease of life on screen.

So for anybody who has old family photo albums or boxes of prints/photos/slides that are taking up too much space and would like them digitising, this service could be for you! 

Please see the images below for some examples.


For enquiries, quotes and orders, you can contact me through the About & Contact page, email: and on Instagram.

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