Gloss Angeles

Gloss Angeles is an ongoing series of photos I started in 2017. The series documents the diverse, familiar and unfamiliar landscape of my hometown of Glossop. The photographs in the series are all the result of unplanned explorations of a small countryside town on the outskirts of Manchester and Derbyshire. 

With the town being so small, all exploring is done on foot. This, with the slow process of using Medium and Large Format cameras, pairs with the sluggish pace of the ever subtle developing landscape.

The photographs are all made using expired colour films. With this, there’s an uncertainty in whether the film's used will still produce a usable exposure. This risk of uncertainty corresponds with my unplanned explorations into the unfamiliar territory within my most familiar surroundings, in the form of never truly being sure if I am going to make a photograph on any specific day.

-  Liam Ratcliffe

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